Want more Clients, Freedom, and Influence?
Join the Total Fitness Entrepreneur & Gym Business clinic 
for Aspiring Trainers & ONLINE Influencers
A quarter century of fitness coaching, marketing, client-acquisition, and online influencing REVEALED
With an abundance of personal trainers flooding the market, today’s fitness entrepreneur faces three problems…
  •  How do I get a consistent flow of clients purchasing my services?
  •  How do I create an online fitness business so I can impact people around the world?
  • How do I set myself apart as an influencer in the online arena?
As someone who QUIT the big-box gym scene and started their own fitness business with only a SINGLE client to my name,
I was forced to train groups of people in public parks with junk I found around town,

And went DEEP into debt to learn the skills that would help my gym succeed and put food on the table…

I can understand the struggle...

Over a few grueling, difficult, stressful years, I slowly figured out the answers that most Fitness Entrepreneurs fail to discover...

Things like acquiring clients consistently and creating online content people are ADDICTED to come easily to me now…
And I want to take some of the worry and stress OFF of your shoulders by sharing the answers YOU need to succeed in your fitness business!
SO What exactly is Going On?
I’ve decided to host a conference that covers BOTH aspects of the fitness business.
In the modern day, to survive as a fitness entrepreneur, it’s almost a necessity to have an online following, as well as a thriving brick-and-mortar business.

This can create a lot of confusion for ANY entrepreneur.

The Total Fitness Entrepreneur Conference was created to eliminate that confusion and give you the answers YOU NEED for the Brick-and-Mortar AND Online Influence aspects of your business.

Whether you own a gym,

Just received your personal training certification and don’t know what to do with it,

Are a lone-wolf training clients in different gyms,

Have a passion for fitness,

Or have NO clients and don’t know where to start…

You NEED to Be HERE! 
Because for one full day, my partner, Chris Barnard, and myself will be SPILLING our expertise when it comes to building a SUCCESSFUL FITNESS business in the modern day.
  •  EXACTLY how to acquire your first client (and many more) in just MINUTES
  •  How to keep happy clients consistently returning to YOUR GYM for months, or even years 
  •  Discover the 10% of your clients who will refer over 80% of your business 
  •  Why creating ONLINE INFLUENCE is key to your gym's growth and your brands longevity
  •  How to turn your current clients into lead MAGNETS using this simple Facebook contest they'll love. 
  •  Creating viral online content that attracts more members to your gym and creates BUZZ around your brand
  •  Developing an addicting, intense, and empowering training environment that your clients will RAVE about
  •  AVOID the social media “dick-measuring” contest. Set up your social media to be in a category of your own, and bypass the “snails-pace” early stages of acquiring followers

And more. A lot more.
Including a way to turn online followers into loyal customers; the 3 types of members at your gym that will spread your brand faster than the flu, and why becoming an expert in the fitness realm WON’T get you more followers or influence (and what you need to do instead).

Bottom line is, this is about YOU

Answering YOUR Questions,

Addressing YOUR concerns,

And helping YOU acquire the success YOU desire.
What are the details?
At previous events, I’ve had multiple speakers from multiple different walks of life. It was entertaining and fascinating to listen to, but they didn’t support the listeners in developing their businesses.

This is why I’ve decided to cut the fat and have Chris, myself, and one bonus guest as the sole speakers. 

As this is the Total FITNESS Entrepreneur Conference, it only makes sense that two guys with a combined quarter century of experience spit their gems when it comes to developing a MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL fitness business.
So when you sign up to attend the Total Fitness Entrepreneur Conference, here’s what you can expect:
On Friday, August 31st

you’ll arrive at the beautiful Tampa Bay Convention Center, and enter Ballroom A.
Section 1: Chris Barnard on creating an irresistible Gym Business

You’ll learn:
  •  Consistent Client Acquisition
  •  World Class Coaching
  •  Superstar Sales
  •  How to Make Buckets of Money Without a Gym
  •  Acquiring Functional Equipment
  •  Opening your First Gym
  •  And more
Section 2: Elliott Hulse on becoming an Online Influencer

You’ll learn:
  •  The Steps to Social Media Domination
  •  Creating Content that People Crave
  •  Turning Followers into Customers
  •  Becoming a LEADER in your Field
  •  Positioning Yourself As an Elite Coach (Online)
  •  Developing Your Online Personality
  •  And more
Section 3: Chris Barnard and Elliott Hulse on a Surefire Way to Increase the Success of YOUR Fitness Business
Section 4: Chris Barnard and Elliott Hulse answer ALL of your Questions (Q&A)
And we’ll make a weekend out of it, because the following day, we’ll be hosting:

The Strength Camp Strongman Challenge - September 1st, 2018

This is the FIRST TIME we’re EVER hosting a strictly Strongman event, and we couldn’t be more excited.

You’ll get to hang out with the Strength Camp Family and watch some of the most powerful hybrid athletes test their will, strength, power, and endurance to see who will become the baddest boss on the planet.
Bonus: Brandon Carter Just Added!
Brandon and I click on many different levels.

Just like you and me, Brandon’s a dude who’s not satisfied with mediocrity.

So at age 18, when he got certified, he wasn’t happy with the money he was making. He had big goals. He wanted more for himself.

But it wasn’t gonna be easy.

He started his fitness business with zero success and was forced to taking a job moving heavy boxes for 14 hours a day AND worked at a restaurant WHILE trying to build his business empire.

Eventually, he found himself working 80 hours a week between two jobs, and studying and learning to make his fitness business successful.
And work full time on his online business

Today, he’s got over 2 million social media followers,

He runs his own massively profitable supplement company,

Has a THRIVING fitness EMPIRE (complete with a big office in Manhattan),

And a whole lot more.

During Brandon’s segment on the big stage, he’s going to share:
  •   How he went from selling drugs to making MILLIONS online
  •  The tricks, tips, and trailblazing strategies he learned from reading a book a week for YEARS
  •   What separates a regular, mediocre personal trainer from an ONLINE FITNESS ICON
  •   Precise steps you need to take to rake in your first $1,000,000
  •   Even one of the best business school’s teachings failed Brandon. Here’s what actually works in the modern day
  •   The right way to position yourself in a saturated market where everyone is an “expert”
  •   Getting on the FAST-TRACK to financial independence. You AND your loved one can quit your shitty 9-5 and start LIVING.
And there’s a whole lot more he’ll be sharing.

Brandon’s been one of my closest friends for a few years now, and it’s a huge blessing to have him on-board for this world-shattering event.
How do I Qualify?
This is all VERY exciting, but sadly, we’re not letting just anyone attend this event.

We don’t need people who are content with mediocrity polluting the exciting, ambitious, and upward-spiraling energy.

In addition, if you don’t have an interest in fitness or helping others you need not apply.

This will not support you, and will be a waste of time.

In order to attend, you should have a passion for fitness, 

Have the intention of supporting people in your local area with your expertise,

And have a growth mindset.

This is the PERFECT trio of traits for becoming a successful fitness entrepreneur.
How much does this cost?
I could easily charge thousands for the information being shared at this event.

But, as I said above, I went DEEP into debt to learn the secrets, tactics, and principles to make my gym and online businesses successful.

I’m talking TENS of THOUSANDS in debt.

A not knowing if I’ll be able to put food on the table type of debt,

Anxiously trying to accrue money so I can keep the lights on type of debt.

and I want to save you that stress…

I want YOU to be successful.

I want this information being shared to be accessible for you.

So I’ve set your tuition at only $497. 

But if you save your seat NOW, you'll only pay $397...

Also, you should know that space is limited. 

The conference room will hold 200 seats, and if history repeats itself these tickets will be gone FAST.  So take action and join us TODAY. 
Yes Elliott, make room for me at this life-changing event. I’m eager and ready to learn the principles that will make my fitness business 10x more successful than it is now. I acknowledge the fact that this information WILL change my life, creating more freedom, money, and influence that will attract quality people and experiences to my life.. 

This event is a game-changer. Period.

Wherever you’re at with your fitness business - if it’s non existent, early stages, slowly growing, or even in full swing - You NEED to BE HERE

I’m sharing the principles I wish I had known earlier, principles I paid THOUSANDS to learn.

And trust me, learning this information earlier would’ve saved me a lot of stress, anxiety, and most importantly, TIME.

Don’t lose precious time trying to figure things out on your own.

Learn from the guys who’ve been there before. Guys who have proven success in the fitness industry, both Online and Brick-and-Mortar.