Top Fitness Model Exposes Fitness Industry Lies, Reveals:
How ANY Guy Can Bypass Their Genetics
How ANY Guy Can Bypass 
Their Genetics
And Build 200-300% MORE Muscle
…In Two, 30-Minute Sessions a Week
Top Fitness Model Exposes Fitness Industry Lies, Reveals:
How ANY Guy Can Bypass Their Genetics
And Build 200-300% 
MORE Muscle
…In Two, 30-Minute Sessions a Week
If you’ve ever tried to build muscle…
  • Punished your body five days a week…
  • Put your joint and ligament health on the line…
  • And spent a ton of energy managing your diet…
Only to look in the mirror and have little or nothing to show for it…
Then keep reading.
Because I’m about to share the hidden reason why you haven’t seen the results you’re looking for, no matter how hard you try.

And more importantly…
Show you how you can build 2-3 TIMES MORE muscle and strength… 
With just two 30 MINUTE workouts a week.
This has absolutely NOTHING to do with supplements, nutrition, or lifting heavier.

And while it might seem hard to believe that you can build an amazing physique in just two workouts a week…
The fast-acting muscle-building principles I’m about to share are being used by thousands of guys each day to “bypass” their genetics and build muscle faster than they ever thought possible.

And evidence from over 131 studies from universities like Harvard proves these principles work…
  • Regardless of age,
  • Regardless of genetics, 
  • Regardless of diet,
  • ​And regardless of current injuries you may have. 
I’ve even seen these principles work for clients with double hip replacements, frozen shoulders, and debilitating back pain.

And anyone can use these muscle-building principles… Regardless of what equipment they have access to.

So sit tight, because I’m about to show you how you can use “Golden Reps” to build a head-turning physique in just a fraction of the time…

I’m going to blow the lid off fitness industry lies, corruption, and deceit that has blocked you from getting a body you’re proud of, the body you DESERVE…

And I’m going to share the muscle-building principles that totally eliminate the need for cardio and flawless nutrition…

Every word I’m about to share is backed up by over 131 scientific references.

And by a mountain of real world success stories, like this.

These are just a handful of the successes that have been created by these industry-shattering muscle-building principles.

And in this unpredictable world, these muscle-building principles are especially powerful.

Because your physique is one of the only things you have control over.

And more importantly… Your physique is how you greet the world.

Within seconds of catching sight of you… People are able to respect you or discount you.
  • Men determine if you’re respectable..
  • Women determine if you’re dateable.
  • New doors swing open…
  • ​Opportunities come rushing your way…
Or they don’t… It’s all based on the subconscious judgements people make about you in a matter of SECONDS.

Is this fair?


But now, it doesn’t matter if this is fair or not.

Because I’m about to share how you can shortcut your way to the body you deserve, and all the opportunities it wins you, WITHOUT making fitness a full time job.
Who Am I And How Do I Know This?
My name is Jay Vincent.

I’m a published author, speaker, and strength and conditioning coach.

But you may recognize me from the shoots I’ve done with Under Armour, Men’s Health, MuscleTech, Amazon, and more.

Or you might’ve seen me in the many fitness magazines I’ve been featured in…

But these days, I don’t do much modeling.

Instead, I spend my time training clients at my chain of fitness studios, as well as writing about exercise for * and * medical magazines.
In doing all of this, I’ve discovered my mission of helping people learn the TRUTH about exercise and nutrition.

Because when they do…everything gets easier.

Time is no longer an excuse.

Frustration dissipates because results come quickly and easily.

Injuries are no longer an issue.

And the tendency to skip workouts totally vanishes, because who can’t spare 30 minutes two times a week?

And it really does just take 30 minutes two times a week.

Because you don’t need to travel to the gym if you don’t want to.

And micromanaging every morsel of food you eat isn’t required, either.

So in less words, people begin transforming QUICKLY once they learn the truth…

And for the past 5 years, I’ve been spreading the truth about fitness by training men and women in my chain of fitness studios.

But for the first time ever, I’m about to share this truth online.

The truth that reveals how to build a physique faster than you, I, or anyone ever thought possible.

So let’s quit the fluff and get into…
How I Discovered the “GOLDEN REPS” That Build 200-300% More Muscle
It all started at a desk job.

I was fresh out of school, energized, and ready to step into the real world.

But I quickly realized, the “real world” wasn’t for me.
I despised having another man telling me what to do and where to be…

So I quickly dropped the job and decided to chase fitness modeling.

Afterall, I’d been lifting most of my life, and I thought I had a pretty good build…

…So why not try to make a career out of it?

But those hopes were quickly squashed when the first agent I spoke to told me…
“You Look Good, But You’re Too Skinny
Those words were like daggers through my heart.

But they confused me more than anything.

Because I’d been lifting nearly all my life…

…I was AT, or DAMN NEAR, my genetic potential…

So how the HELL was I supposed to get bigger?

Did I need to eat more? 

Change my training split? 
Was my form bad?

I wasn’t about to start poking needles in my butt, that’s for sure.

So, with my back against the wall…

And no other options on the table…

I did what anyone would do…

I pulled out my laptop, and started researching.

I dug through bodybuilding forum after bodybuilding forum.

I pored through ALL the scientific literature.

And eventually… 
I Gathered A Set Of Muscle-Building Principles That Clashed Against All The Fitness Industry’s “Common Knowledge”
It’s kind of crazy…

Because these are the most science-based, research-backed principles available.

Yet you almost NEVER see them used in workouts sold online, shared in forums, or shown on YouTube.

But as I gathered these muscle-building principles, I discovered that they were used by some of the most prolific bodybuilders in history…

Dorian Yates (6x Mr. Olympia Winner), Casey Viator (youngest ever to win Mr. America), and Mike Mentzer (first to receive a perfect score in bodybuilding, giving him a perfect physique), to name a few.

But these principles are proven to work regardless of whether you’re on juice or not..

At least, that’s what the research said.

The question is…

Why Haven’t You Heard of These Principles Before?

The short of it is, these principles were buried by a Mr. Olympia decision that changed the trajectory of the fitness world forever.

See, the 1980 Mr. Olympia was packed with talent.
The main attraction was Mike Menzter, an eccentric bodybuilder who came into the competition with a TON of momentum.

In 1978, Mentzer received a PERFECT SCORE… The only bodybuilder EVER to do so.

But the thing that really made Mentzer standout was his training approach.

He developed his “perfect” physique in just a handful of 30 minute training sessions a week.

And he was clearly getting better results than his competition.

That competition included Arnold, who entered the 1980 Mr. Olympia competition at the last minute.
Here’s where the controversy begins:
The Mr. Olympia competitors noted that Arnold looked only 80-90% of his former greatness.

In other words, the competitors didn’t think Arnold stood a chance.

But on competition day, Arnold stole the victory.

The decision was met with boos by the audience.
Some of the competitors walked off stage and retired on the spot.

And writers from dozens of publications noted that the decision drained the bodybuilding sport of all its credibility.

Why did Arnold win when his physique didn’t hold a candle to the other competitors?

Some say it was star power.

Others have connected dots and called it conspiracy.

Whatever the reason is, this controversy changed the trajectory of the fitness world for good.

Arnold’s 5 day a week, 1-2 hour training sessions became the norm.

And the principles that built jaw-dropping physiques in two 30 minute sessions were lost in time.
But Do These Principles Actually Work Or Not?
In short, these principles worked better than I ever could’ve imagined.

Because in just three short months, 90 days, I packed on around 20 pounds of muscle…

And I achieved this without steroids.

Without testosterone supplements.

Without the normal five day per week training routine most guys follow.

All it took was two, 30 minute sessions each week….

And I went from this:

To This:

From there, the world was at my fingertips.

I called the agency back and I became their most prolific fitness model that year, doing shoots for Under Armour, Men’s Health, MuscleTech, Amazon, and more.

But most importantly…
My friends and family took note of my rapid transformation…

And after clearing up their skepticism (I’d be skeptical too, if I didn’t know what I know now), I began to teach them.

Which led to me opening up my first fitness studio.

Then turning that fitness studio into a small chain, where I’ve used these principles in over 20,000 training sessions and counting.

And in those 20,000 sessions, there hasn’t been one injury.

Just incredible results.
Now, I want to share these principles with you.

So you can get crazy results for yourself, too.

But first, you need to know:

Why Most Guys Don’t Build Muscle, 
No Matter How Hard They Try

Why Most Guys Don’t Build Muscle, No Matter How Hard They Try

It has nothing to do with age, genetics, hormones, or diet.

The problem’s simple:

Guys are going to the gym and doing too little, too often.

When they’re at the gym, they’re simply moving their bodies.
In other words, they’re not giving their muscles the stimulus they need to grow.
  • Even if they’re lifting heavy weights.
  • Even if they’re doing supersets and dropsets.
  • Even if they’re doing tons and tons of reps.
They’re not signaling the muscle to grow.

How is this possible?

Well, you might’ve heard the idea that in order to build muscle, you need to tear it up.

Let it recover.

And allow it to grow back bigger and stronger.

This is the common “how to build muscle” explanation…

But it’s wrong.

There’s very little evidence that damaging your muscle leads to growth.

In fact… 

The only studies that concluded that muscle damage sparks gains comes from studies on rats and men injected with testosterone who didn’t train.

And even those weren’t 100% conclusive.

Even crazier:

In some studies, the research showed that muscle damage actually hindered muscle growth more than it helped.

Pretty crazy, right?

Thing is…

Most of the workouts you’ll find being sold online, swapped in forums, and shared on YouTube are built around this unproven theory.

And most of the advice being thrown around in the fitness space leans on this theory, too.

This leads to the problem:

When you’re training on this basis,

You’re Only Stimulating “Half” Of Your Muscle

And the “half” of the muscle you ARE stimulating, isn’t very receptive to growth.

See, we all have two types of muscle fibers.

There are slow twitch fibers, which are smaller and used in endurance activities.

Then there are fast twitch fibers, which are larger and more explosive.
The fast twitch fibers are also more prone to growth.

And this is why there’s a vast difference in the body of a marathon runner versus an NFL athlete.

Marathon runners are slow-twitch dominant, so they’re slender and skinny.

But an NFL running back is fast-twitch dominant, so they’re built like brick walls.
Now, here’s what most people don’t realize:
When you pick up a dumbbell and start curling it, you’re engaging your slow twitch fibers first.

It’s not until around rep 7 or 8 that you start to tap into your fast twitch fibers.

But just as those fast twitch fibers are getting fired up, your set ends.

So why not just do more reps?

The problem is… As you do more reps, you give your slow twitch muscle fibers time to recover.
And once they recover, they take over again.

So in short… The way most guys are training…

The five day a week, 1-2 hour workouts, 3 sets of 10, 20 sets per muscle… 

Mostly stimulates the slow-twitch muscle fibers.

And again, you can develop slow-twitch muscle fibers.

But they don’t deliver explosive growth like training fast-twitch fibers does.

And this explains why SOME guys get results following the traditional 5-day approach.

Because if you’re a guy who’s fast-twitch fiber dominant… AKA, you have great genetics…

You could pretty much do anything and grow.

But most of us aren’t genetic freaks…

So the standard muscle-building approach just doesn’t work for us.
But That’s Not The Only Problem
This second problem has to do with your metabolism.

Most don’t realize their metabolism plays a key role in building muscle.

See, whenever you lift weights, your muscles send signals to your metabolism for energy.
When your metabolism shuttles energy to the muscle, byproducts are left over (called metabolites).

And it’s the presence of metabolites that fire up your muscle-building pathways.

Now here’s the problem:

The traditional approach to lifting takes the stress off the metabolism.

Which interrupts muscle-building signaling.

And this is another reason guys are leaving a ton of results on the table.
So To Summarize:
1. Most guys are doing too little, too often in the gym. They’re going to the gym and simply moving their bodies

2. The way most people lift only stimulates “half” of their muscle

3. A lot of guys are taking the “tension” off their metabolism. This interrupts anabolic signaling leaves results on the table
So What Should You Do Instead?
Something I call, Golden Reps.

Golden Reps are performed in a way that keeps the tension on the metabolism.

Maximizes anabolic signaling…

And recruits your ENTIRE muscle.

Golden Reps also set off a cascade of biological reactions that most average gym-goers, and even bodybuilders, aren’t experiencing…

…Helping you transform faster than the mainstream ever thought possible.

Let’s dig into them:
Biological Reaction #1:
You already know that normal training doesn’t stimulate the muscle in its entirety.

But you may not be aware of what happens when you fire up those fast twitch fibers.

Remember, by nature, fast twitch fibers are bigger than slow twitch fibers.

This makes them more prone to growth - stimulate them and they’ll EXPLODE in size.

That said, it’d make sense that using Golden Reps would build 200-300% more muscle than normal exercise, right?
That’s exactly what a study from Japan found.

They found that Golden Reps stimulate 200-300% more protein synthesis than that of normal exercise.[3]

What does that mean?

If you don’t know, muscle protein synthesis is the process by which your body uses protein to build muscle.

In other words, it’s the process you want to maximize if you want to look good shirtless.

Your anabolic pathways (also known as mTor pathways) are responsible for setting off muscle protein synthesis.

And to avoid getting too deep into the science, I’ll keep it simple:

Golden Reps create more anabolic signaling, and build muscle 2-3 times faster than normal training.

On top of that, Golden Reps deliver much more noticeable results by stimulating the fast twitch fibers PRIMED for growth.
Biological Reaction #2:
We’re about to get pretty scientific here, but bear with me and you’ll be absolutely amazed…

You may already know that muscle burns around 400% more calories than fat…[4]
So by nature of putting on lean muscle mass FAST, you’ll be burning more calories throughout the day - lounging on the couch, watching Netflix, talking to all your new Tinder matches, or whatever else.

But a University of Arkansas medical doctor discovered that performing Golden Reps totally saps the muscles of their stored carbohydrates.[5]

Why is this important?

Well, stored carbohydrates - also known as glycogen - are your body’s fuel source.

Thing is… When your muscles’ glycogen stores are full, your body floods your bloodstream with any excess carbs you consume (also called, glucose).

And this disrupts your ability to burn fat.

But training with Golden Reps totally burns your muscles’ glycogen stores…

Which forces your muscles to absorb the glucose from the bloodstream.

And it’s THIS phenomenon that results in less stored body fat.

But that’s not all.

Because this process of totally emptying glycogen stores also activates lipase.

Lipase is an enzyme that interacts with fat differently, depending on the other hormones present in the body.

But when you perform “Golden Reps”, lipase starts sapping lipids from your fat stores to use as emergency energy.[5]

In other words, lipase causes your body to release stored fat to burn as fuel…

…No keto required.

The crazy thing is…

This process unfolds no matter WHAT your diet looks like.

Amazing, right?

Now let’s move onto the third reaction.

Because this is HOW Golden Reps deliver such rapid results:
Biological Reaction #3:
This final reaction is what brings everything together.

See, Golden Reps spark the release of multiple muscle-building hormones.[6]

These hormones include growth hormone, insulin growth factor, mechano-growth factor, insulin, interleukin-6, and interleukin-15.
You might recognize a few of these hormones as illegal substances used by athletes to gain a competitive edge.

But in this case, the hormones are 100% natural.

And more importantly…

The release of these hormones sets building muscle as your body’s top priority.[6]

Everything else goes on the backburner.

Your diet doesn’t matter, sleep doesn’t matter, hormone levels don’t matter.

You WILL build muscle if you use Golden Reps.

And this was reflected in a study from Harvard University.[7]

In said study, rats were given a stimulus similar to that of Golden Reps.

And researchers found that post-stimulus, the rats experienced a massive surge in muscle-building activity.

That’s nothing new.

The real breakthrough occurred in the follow-up study, where the researchers gave the rats handicaps.

Some had their muscle-building hormones totally removed.

Others had their insulin removed.

And some were placed on starvation diets (VERY low calories).

Despite this… 

When presented with the Golden Rep stimulus, the muscle-building process still unfolded rapidly…

…Again… Regardless of diet and hormone levels..
What does this mean?

It means that when you’re using Golden Reps, diet doesn’t matter.

Testosterone levels don’t matter.
Even SLEEP doesn’t matter.

As long as you’re using Golden Reps, building muscle becomes your body’s TOP priority.

Now, that’s not to say a good diet, healthy testosterone levels, and good sleep won’t help.

But it’s not an excuse for not building muscle.

And this leads me to…
The Final Piece of The Puzzle
This is what brings the magic of Golden Reps together…

It’s what allows intelligent men like you and me to condense a full week of training into just two, thirty minute sessions.

It’s what allows us to skip the cardio, and still get lean.

It’s what allows us to build MORE muscle in LESS time.
So, what’s this final piece of the puzzle?

It’s taking the muscle to absolute exhaustion.
  • But not by just doing more reps.
  • And not by lifting heavier weights
  • And by doing “supersets” either.
It’s about reaching exhaustion in a way that ensures:
1. Slow twitch fibers do not recover and interfere with fast-twitch stimulation
2. The muscles are exhausted within the appropriate time window
3. The metabolism is constantly working, maximizing anabolic signaling
Over the years, I’ve polished and refined these muscle-building principles to ensure maximal results.

And I’ve adapted these principles so they can be used by anyone, anywhere, to pack on mass faster than ever thought possible…

Regardless of equipment.

And I’m finally ready to share it with the world.

Because guys have been fed lies for too long.

They’ve put in a ton of hard work, with little to show for it.

But now…

There’s finally a research-backed, science-proven way to get the body you’ve always wanted.

For first time ever, I’m sharing that approach in:
The Golden Era
The Science-Based, Research-Backed Approach to Building An Alpha Physique In An Hour A Week
The Golden Era Physique System is the most science-based, research-backed approach to building muscle. All it takes is two, 30 minute sessions to electrify your anabolic pathways in a way that’s unmatched by most other training programs out there.

This industry-shattering approach works, regardless of your training experience, current body composition, age, or injury history.

And it’s been time-tested throughout 20,000 personal training sessions.

In those sessions, there have been no injuries, just amazing results…

The only downside is, this method creates rapid results… Very rapid results…

So people WILL accuse you of taking this and that.

But that’s a small price to pay when you develop a jaw-dropping physique that wins you attention, respect, and opportunity.

So if you can handle that, here’s what you get when you join The Golden Era Physique System today:
Component #1
This program is powered by principles used by Golden Era athletes. These principles that have been lost in time can help ANY natural athlete achieve the aesthetic, lean, small-waisted physique of athletes of old. Just follow the program exactly as it’s laid out, and you’ll see a different man in the mirror a few weeks down the line.
Component #2
The Golden Era Physique System Video Library
I’ve created videos that will teach you the driving factors behind The Golden Era Physique System and made them available to you in an easy-to-consume video library. These videos will show you what to expect from the program, and how to get the best results.
Component #3
The Golden Era Physique System Exercise Database
When you join today, you’ll gain access to Golden Era-approved exercises with demonstrations to help you get the best results possible. This ensures you’re performing each movement with precision, intent, and full confidence in each movement's effectiveness.
Component #4
What Golden Era Athletes Knew - That 99% Of People Don’t
Uncover the secrets of Golden Era athletes, how they were able to build impressive physiques in 1/6th of the training time, with 1/6th of the effort.
Component #5
24/7 Coaching Support
This is an exclusive opportunity. The first 500 driven men who join The Golden Era Physique System will receive a direct line of communication with me. I’ll answer any questions you have, help you through the program, and support you anyway I can.
Plus a Bunch More…

What Kind of Results Can I Expect With

The GOLDEN ERA Physique System?

The results of The Golden Era Physique System have been nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Like I said throughout this message to you, I’ve used The Golden Era Physique System in over 20,000 personal training sessions.

Some clients came to me excited to try The Golden Era Physique System.
Others were skeptical.

They heard the promises before and were burned. 

They’d bought the snake oil supplements. The gadgets. The gizmos.

But skeptical or not… 

Every single client had that lightbulb go off in their heads after their first session.

They FELT the The Golden Era Physique System difference and were convinced.

If you’ve ever just had that feeling you had a kickass workout, you know what I mean.

Well, The Golden Era Physique System gives you that feeling EVERY. 



And the results?

Well, I’ll let them speak for themselves:
As you can see, The Golden Era Physique System works on 20 year olds.
  • 30 year olds.
  • 40 year olds.
  • Even 60 year olds.
And the results are equally dazzling across the board.

But better than that…

A lot of people who use The Golden Era Physique System see their aches and pains totally vanish.

I’ve had some clients come to me with frozen shoulders.

Others came to me with double hip replacements.

Some even came to me with back pain so debilitating, they could barely walk.

And they saw success with The Golden Era Physique System as well.

More impressively… Almost all of them saw their conditions clear up.

Now, I can’t promise the same to you.

What I can promise is that The Golden Era Physique System will deliver results like nothing you’ve tried before… Thanks to:
  • 200-300% More Muscle: Thanks to upregulated protein synthesis, how the body uses protein to build muscle.
  • Reversed Aging: In 2007, Russian geneticist Simon Melov found that there are approximately 596 genes expressed related to aging. After 26 weeks of resistance training, he found that 400 of those aging genes were shut off.[8]
  • Chiseled Midsection: Each day that passes, you’ll notice your midsection gets leaner and leaner, all thanks to increased insulin sensitivity and the activation of the enzyme lipase.[5]
  • Safety W/ Bulletproof Joints + Ligaments: Joints and ligaments get injured due to high forces. The Golden Era Physique System is low in force by nature, sparing your joints + ligaments from pain… And providing the stimulus to strengthen them.
  • ​SKIP The Cardio: Remember, the cardiovascular system is always engaged. And how do you place more stress on this system? Performing mechanical work with muscle. That said, due to the muscle exhaustion created by The Golden Era Physique System, it places heavy stress on the cardiovascular system. This results in more endurance. [5]
  • Unmatched Time Efficiency: Two, 30 minute sessions a week? You can’t beat that.

With The Golden Era Physique System, Building An Impressive Physique Is Put On “Easy Mode

Now you’ve seen how I packed on 20 pounds of muscle in just three months.

You’ve seen the “secret” to my successful fitness modeling career.

And you’ve seen the jaw-dropping success these methods have created for others.

But let me ask you a question…

What will you see when you look in the mirror a few weeks from now?
Because the truth is, if you don’t join The Golden Era Physique System today, I’m not sure what will change.

You could still fall prey to the fitness industry’s lies and deceits.

Continue shelling out for the newest gizmo or miracle supplements they peddle.

Chasing fad after fad.

And you might be out at the bar one night, seeing guys with their arms hugging their tight, black, V-neck, beautiful girl locked around their arm, wishing you could get a physique like this.

It DOESN’T need to be like this.

There’s no more need for any confusion, frustration, or second-guessing.

With these muscle-building principles, you can finally get the body you deserve.

You can “WOW” your friends and family, as they bombard you with questions about what you’ve been doing.

You can win the respect of men…

The attention of women…

All it takes is two, 30 minute sessions a week.

No need to worry about your diet, or anything else.
You’ve seen the crazy results…

You’ve seen the science…

And you know that the fitness industry has, and will continue to, feed you polished turds that don’t do a damn thing…

So it wouldn’t be crazy of me to charge $1,000 plus for this program.

Afterall, the small fortune you could save on gym memberships, supplements, and other fitness gimmicks would be enough to cover that and then some.

But sharing these principles is my passion.

And I love seeing guys gain more confidence, happiness, and zest for life as their body rapidly transforms.

So I won’t charge 1000s.

I won’t even charge the $150 it’d cost you for a half hour with me at my studio.

You can access the most research-backed, science-proven muscle-building principles today for just…


Plus… Get GREAT GAINS In 90 Days -
When you first try these principles, you’ll feel them working INSTANTLY.

You’ll look in the mirror and see your arms swollen like never before…

Veins popping in your chest and arms that you never knew were there…

And over the following days, you’ll notice your midsection getting more and more chiseled…
While your muscles get fuller and fuller.

Each day that goes by, you’ll notice the difference.

By the end of your first month using these principles, you’ll start to notice your sleeves fitting a little tighter.

By the end of two months, friends and family will start asking what you’ve been doing.

And they might even beg you to teach them.

And by the end of three months, you’ll look in the mirror and feel a sense of pride overwhelm you.

YOU put in the work.

And YOU got extraordinary results.

Imagine the confidence that comes with that…

That’s how effective these principles are.

Afterall, they’ve created some of the most prolific bodybuilders in history.

Guys with arguably better physiques than Arnold.

More importantly, they’ve worked with every single client I’ve tested them with.

They’ve gained massive amounts of muscle, bulletproofed their joints and ligaments, and slimmed down in staggeringly short amounts of time…

I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

So I have an unshakeable confidence in these principles.

But if for some strange reason, you follow the The Golden Era Physique System program exactly as it’s laid out, and you DON’T see results…

I have no problem returning every red cent.

That’s how confident I am in these principles.

So try The Golden Era Physique System for 90 days.

Experience the head-turning pumps…

The swollen muscles…

The supercharged energy…

The midsection chiseling…

And if for some strange reason, you don’t make GREAT gains… Just shoot me a message at and I’ll return every red cent you invested.

That way, there’s almost no risk when you join today.

How’s that sound?

But before you sign up…
If you’re expecting two 30 minute sessions of butterflies and rainbows, this is NOT for you.

This program does require WORK.

And you and I both know that worthwhile results only come from work.

There’s no way around it.
And it’d be unreasonable to believe you could “cup-cake” your way to a head-turning physique.

But that said…

These methods do work fast.

They give you more freedom (condensing a full week of training into two, 30 minute sessions).

And they deliver superior results.

By some counts, 2-3 times the results of traditional workouts.

So while your friends punish their bodies in the gym five days a week…

You’ll be getting BETTER results in a fraction of the time.

So if you’re not the type to shy away from a little work (for big gains) click that button below.

Fill in the information.

And get the The Golden Era Physique System principles delivered to your inbox INSTANTLY.

The Road Splits Here…

Now that you know you can work towards the physique of your dreams…

…In just an hour a week…

You’re at a fork in the road, two paths you can go down.

But that will ultimately lead you to two VASTLY different destinations.

Path A:

Continue down the road you’re on.

Keep doing what you know is wrong…

What doesn’t deliver.

Keep your title as the fitness industry’s sucker like I once was.

It’s not impossible that you’d see results.

Heck, you might gain two to five pounds of muscle a year.

And maybe that’s enough to keep you satisfied.

But it’s much more likely that you get frustrated and give up…

I know this because I’ve seen this movie thousands of times. That’s how it almost always goes.

Then there’s…

Path B:

You can access the muscle-building principles that deliver powerful results, faster than ever before thought possible.

The muscle-building principles backed up by a mountain of over 131 scientific studies.

The muscle-building principles that are forcing thousands of guys to get shirts with bigger sleeves.

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- Frequently Asked Questions -

Tell it to me straight… Why haven’t I seen results I REALLY want in the gym?
Because the fitness industry has been promoting a training style that just isn’t optimal.

And it’s creating frustration for hard working guys like you and me. 

This style of training only stimulates smaller, growth-resistant, slow-twitch fibers…

And more…

Doesn’t provide the metabolic stress needed for an anabolic response.

On top of that, the normal 5 day a week, one to two hour workout style of training ISN’T based on research.

A lot of it is based on a rehabilitation protocol from the 1940s.

Obviously, this is NOT optimal for building muscle.
What makes The Golden Era Physique System different?
The Golden Era Physique System is different from everything else because it’s research-backed and science-based.

All it takes is two, 30 minute sessions every week to see superior results.

And it delivers results FASTER than anything you’ve tried before.

The reason for this is because The Golden Era Physique System takes the muscle to momentary exhaustion following parameters that maximize the muscle-building response.
What Kind of Results Can I Expect Following The Golden Era Physique System?
That answer depends on a lot of things.

It depends on how in shape you are right now.

It depends on how long you’ve been training.

And it depends on how hard you’re willing to work.

This said, I can say that I’ve had heavier-set clients come to me and lose 107 lbs following this method.

I’ve had clients who were built like broomsticks pack on 25+ pounds of mass in a matter of months.

The Golden Era Physique System delivers.

How much it delivers depends on your starting point.

Can I use The Golden Era Physique System if I’m injured?
It depends on the injury.

I can say, I’ve worked with clients who had frozen shoulders, knee replacements, double hip replacements, and even back pain so bad, they could barely walk.

They used the methods inside of The Golden Era Physique System with staggering success.
Is this program safe?

See, programs get dangerous when they expose the muscle, tendons, and ligaments to high amounts of force.

The equation for force is mass times acceleration.

And since The Golden Era Physique System requires low acceleration, the force you’re exposed to is extremely low.
Is there a guarantee?

I don’t want anyone going into this with any hesitations, doubts, or inhibitions.

So when you join The Golden Era Physique System, you’re backed by my 90 Days to Great Gains Guarantee.

That means if you follow the program EXACTLY as it’s laid out for 90 days, and you don’t get the gains you’re looking for, just shoot me an email and I’ll return every red cent.

This way, you can think of your time with The Golden Era Physique System as a test drive.

A trial run.

And you can sleep at night, knowing you have a safety net to fall into.
How can I join?
It couldn’t be simpler.

Start by clicking the button below.

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