Plato’s Secret Practice for Discipline, Willpower, and Strength
He was one of the greatest contributors to philosophy…

Outlived the average American by 2-5 years in a time when doctors tasted your earwax and vomit to diagnose your illnesses...

And was noted for his strong, broad, physical build in a time before conventional weight training knowledge…

So what was his secret practice that brought him, as he puts it...

“Greater Physical and Mental Efficiency”?
We now know that Stoicism, 

A movement that is built on the philosophies of accepting the current moment and all of its challenges, not allowing oneself to be controlled by pleasure or fear, and using one’s mind to understand nature’s plan,

Was built off of four virtues taught by Plato - Wisdom, Courage, Justice, and Temperance.

We also know that Plato was an accomplished athlete.

He trained with the best athletes of his time, 

And even won some Pre-Hellenic games.

We also have access to all of Plato’s works, and can clearly see how his mind was racing miles ahead of other men,

Both then and now.
He was Stronger, Smarter, and More Disciplined than Almost Any Man of His Time
And one of his biggest secrets was fasting.

Yes, Plato believed that fasting was responsible for building blocks of discipline in a man,

Making him more present to the moment,
And giving him the ability to disarm waves of challenges heading his way.

He also handed fasting the credit for his clean insides and superior physical strength. 

And during a time when men in his position had access to the tastiest delicacies in abundance, and high ranking men were getting puffy guts, and bulging bellies,

Plato maintained his lean, strong, physique through fasting.

And Plato’s not the only one who’s benefitted from fasting...
High Achieving Men like Socrates and Aristotle, all the way to Mark Twain Loved This Practice
The Father of Modern Medicine, Hippocrates, said “to eat when you are sick is to feed your illness”.

Mark Twain had multiple writings on the topic,

ALL of the major religions have fasting rituals,

And there’s even an engraving in a Egyptian Pyramid that says “One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive. The other three-quarters keeps your doctor alive”.

Which makes it unbelievable that people in the U.S. haven’t been introduced to fasting earlier.

But, unconventional thinkers and bro-scientists aren’t the only ones who have the hots for fasting...
Scientists Love it Too
Yes, recently science has made 5 MAJOR breakthroughs in regards to fasting.

And in a second, I’m going to share those scientific breakthroughs that will peel back the curtain on why fasting was so effective for the world’s greatest men, and later,

I’ll share how to fast in a way that doesn’t make you feel like a stack of bricks.

But, before I go into that, a quick warning
This Research is Unsettling
It will startle you,

Baffle you,

And probably make you angry.

It goes against everything we’ve been spoonfed about nutrition, health, and wellness…

And as such, I’m going to provide citations for the findings below, so that you know they’re substantiated.


Every piece of information comes from a qualified study, an esteemed university professor, a high ranking researcher or doctor, or another health authority.

Here we go, you’ve been warned:
You may know, 

The metabolism is like a furnace for calories,

And the faster it’s churning, the more calories that are burning…

Incorrectly, however, most people believe that if food isn’t being shoveled down the throat every few hours, the metabolism slows down to prevent excess energy usage, and to stop the body from morphing into a human twig…

Making losing weight even harder than it already is.


The recent scientific evidence shows otherwise...

Studies have shown that metabolic activity isn’t related to the amount of meals you fork down each day[1],

But rather, the caloric content of each meal…

In other words…

The SIZE of the meal matters,

More than the AMOUNT of meals.

In addition, during a fast, your body produces a stimulating chemical called noradrenaline[2]. 

You might know it as the fight or flight chemical that provides a sudden jolt of energy in tense situations…

But, during a fast, this chemical is released to keep your energy levels high, and stabilize (sometimes even boost) your metabolism.

In a study done by the departments of Internal Medicine, Clinical Neurophysiology, and Clinical Pharmacology at a notable hospital in Sweden, they found that noradrenaline increased by 22% in just a two day fast (with evidence predicting a continued elevation in longer fasting periods).
Even more:
Have you heard about the man who fasted for 382 days straight? 
The man who endured the longest ever recorded fast lost a whopping 276 pounds, and during the 382 days of his fast, he was only given multivitamins and small parcels of other essentials for general upkeep [2].

This long-term fast not only shows the fat loss powers of fasting…

But, also, the sustained weight loss shows a lack of metabolic damage during this extended time period.
Meaning that fasting, when you do it right, provides continuous fat loss, insignificant metabolic damage, and a continuous energy supply, 

Especially when compared to a traditional diet.
Most people have two go to methods for burning fat…

The first is to cut calories,

The second is to start doing loads of steady state cardio… Things like jogging and biking.

Both of these can lead to weight loss, but, more times than not, they also lead to an unattractive, flabby, stretch mark-full physique.

Probably not your picture of an ideal body.

This happens because the fat loss methods they used not only furnaced fat, but they also targeted essential muscle… Muscle that would keep their body slim, tight, and attractive.

And while caloric deficits do cause flabs, loose skin, and embarrassment, 

Science has shown that one of the best methods to shed belly fat AND retain muscle is fasting.
Yes, it’s true.

For one, science has found that 40+ hours of fasting doesn’t cause any significant shrinkage, or atrophy, in the muscles [3]. Meaning, despite what you’ve heard, fasting doesn’t force your body to go Hannibal Lecter on your muscles.

And more, 

After 24 hours of fasting, the fuel source for your strength and muscle, glycogen, is still available [4],
Meaning not only is your muscle being retained,

But you have the fuel to build more muscle and strength, 

So you can continue to exercise and make your body stronger, leaner, and more attractive, without feeling weak or brittle.

Yes, to live a healthy life, and have an attractive body, you need to have a healthy amount of strength and muscle….

Why Would You Pick a Dieting Method that Makes You Flabby?
I’m talking about a caloric deficit of course…

Not only does a caloric deficit make you hungrier than fasting… It’s also been shown to leave you flabbier.

Yes, in a study that measured the difference in lean body mass between fasting and a caloric deficit. They discovered that after the allotted time, the fasting group increased their lean body mass by four times as much as the caloric deficit group [5]…

Meaning that the fasting group was targeting and burning off more fat than the caloric deficit group.

And, in another study done by University of Illinois at Chicago showed that during two weeks of alternate day fasting, subjects lost significant amounts of fat, and saw a shrinkage of their waist line, while their lean body mass was unaffected [6].

Meaning NO muscle loss,

NO flabs,

NO loose skin.

Just a leaner, slimmer, tighter body that you can acquire too with the fasting secrets I’ll share below.
Have you ever been HAngry before?

It’s a word used to describe someone whose stomach is growling so much that they begin to get irritable,

Develop a quick temper,

And may even lash out at you if you say the wrong thing around them.


You may think a fat loss method that entails no eating for long periods of time would induce that HAnger, right?


In a recent study, scientists measured the hunger levels and overall cheerfulness of the fasted subjects and found that cheerfulness, and sense of well-being remained steady,

And all the while, there were almost NO hunger complaints during the entire period of extended fasting [7].

In fact…

Many of the subjects wanted to continue their fasting past the allotted time for the experiment because they were getting great results - melting away fat (some subjects lost up to 5 lbs in a single day!), with little-to-no drawbacks.

Not even energy landslides...

And it works this way because fasting actually has an appetite blunting effect.


Your body is incredibly, intelligent and responds to patterns...

And when it’s used to being stuffed with food every half hour, it’s going to start an internal riot when you try to take some of that food away with traditional dieting methods…


After a short acclimation period, fasters have found almost no rumblings in their tummies.

No cravings,

No broken promises to yourself,

No crying about a broken diet over a gallon of ice cream.
Can you picture this:

A woman pushing 100 years old running her own hotel that harbors a constant cycle of tourists each and every day.

That’s something that would be plastered all over the news in America… But when it happens in the fasting-frenzy of Ikaria… Nobody bats an eye. If you don’t know…

Ikaria is a blue zone, which is an area where people live much longer than average.
And people fast for almost HALF the year there.... And their health reflects that.

In Ikaria you have eighty year olds working in the fields,

Old women beating young bucks in poker games,

And “retirement home aged” citizens climbing the rocky Ikarian hills…

These are all everyday occurrences in Ikaria, because in addition to the fat incinerating, hunger blunting effects of fasting… Fasting grows essential components of your brain.
Components responsible for memory, learning, recall, general processing between the brain and body, and keeping you active[8].

In other words...

The brain growth caused by fasting provides enhanced memory formation, strengthens your ability to learn new skills and information, and sharpens your ability to recall essential information.

And according to Mark Mattson, head of the Lab of Neuroscience at John Hopkins University, this landslide of benefits occurs because fasting creates a “stress” on the brain.

Normally, stress is a bad thing, 

But in the case of fasting… the stress is just enough to be beneficial, and just enough to kick the brain into overdrive, elevate its function as you go into “hunting mode”, and stimulate growth.

Even more:

Mark Mattson Ph.D. also states that fasting can help the brain ward off neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia [9].

Fasting’s constant stress on the brain forces it to grow and become stronger in its many processes.

Therefore, fighting off diseases that cause the brain to degenerate,


And diminish.

Put simply, if you’re hungry, your brain won’t flounder into a storm of degenerative madness, it will elevate itself to keep you alive, bolstering your brainpower in the process.

Maybe this is why Dementia and Alzheimer’s are basically non-existent in Ikaria… And women and men age 80+ are still able to battle the youth in card games, run businesses, and have a merrymaking time with friends.
Do you remember elementary school stories of the Fountain of Youth?

It was the mythical spring that restored the youth of anyone who sipped its waters.

Here’s a conspiracy theory… what if the Fountain of Youth wasn’t about what someone consumed, but what they didn’t consume?

Well, science is showing this to be the case...

According to a highly respected paper written in 2013, there are nine hallmarks of aging [10].

These include damage to your genes, dead cells piling up in your body, a lack of stem cell self-renewal and more.

Here’s the crazy part…

Fasting can fight off, and in some cases, turn back the clock on, ALL OF THESE indicators of aging with almost unmatched effectiveness.

Take the genetic damage hallmark of aging, for example… 

A study performed by the Longevity Institute found that fasting creates a protective shield around DNA that minimizes the damage powerful toxins can strike it with[11].

And the toxins in this study weren’t just any toxins… These were toxins found in chemotherapy treatments, infamous for turning the strongest, most active, and bravest humans into brittle, bed-ridden, beings clinging on for life.

These toxins are also known for completely wiping out cellular masses (both good and bad)... And in some unfortunate cases, the toxins from chemotherapy can even cause death itself.

If fasting can shield DNA from THOSE highly-powerful toxins… Imagine the long list of other toxins it can protect our DNA from!
Even more… 

Another study found that fasting wakes up a family of proteins that have a critical role in protecting your CELLS from damage and oxidative stress (which can damage tissue and age your body), and repairing DNA that is already damaged [12]. 

In a fasted state, these important proteins are pushed into action, and perform their anti-aging tasks until the body shifts its focus towards digesting food again.
But the anti-aging fun doesn’t stop there… 

Because fasting can also sweep out dead and damaged cells in your body[13].

Yes, excess cell build up is responsible for the leading causes of death and dysfunction in America. These include heart attack, stroke, and even cancer.

These murderers are pushed into action when excess cells mountain up, and the body is unable to shed them.

Luckily, research is showing that fasting can spring into action and save the day.

See, your body has a recycling process called autophagy. When it’s turned on, the healthy cells in your body go on a cannibalistic manhunt for old, dead, and damaged cells. The healthy cells then consume the damaged and dead ones, and turn them into energy for you to use at your will.

And this process PEAKS when liver glycogen is totally depleted… And guess what?

If you’re regularly eating… Forking food down your throat…
You’re not giving your body the chance to put this anti-aging process into full effect.
Because liver glycogen is gone at 40 hours of no food[14].

And even crazier... days of the bodily cleansing that’s done while regularly eating doesn’t even come close to just a few hours of the bodily cleansing that’s done during fasting…

Showing just how effective, and important, fasting is in healing the body. 

And really, I could go on and on about the anti-aging effects of fasting...

Such as fasting’s stimulation of stem cell regeneration [15], which helps repair the body, produce stronger cells, and more,

How fasting increases mitochondrial efficiency [16], which raises your energy levels and reduces the amount wear and tear on the body…

And a whole lot more.

With this information, it seems that research has confirmed that fasting is at the top of the chart in the areas of fat loss, muscle retention, mental clarity and sharpness, and even anti-aging, and disease prevention as far as diets go.
And, as it’s a staple practice of people in blue zones, high achieving men, and long living humans… it seems it’s the base of the health iceberg that many just seem to overlook when they’re looking at the tip.

So, with all these powerful examples…

You might think...
Fasting is Great, Right?
My first experience with fasting was abysmal.

Yes, I lost fat, 

Yes, I retained my muscles,

Yes, I looked younger,
But I felt like a dumpster that had been set on fire.
I spent most of my time slumped in a hammock in my office,

My temper was shorter than an iPhone’s battery life,

And I just felt overall tired, lazy, and useless.

I lacked control of my body and my mind, which both had descended into a chaotic uproar.

I wasn’t the productive, helpful man who was voted the YouTube Fitness Fan Favorite by Ryan Seacrest’s website...

This left me confused, because as you saw above, research has shown that fasting leads to less hunger cravings and better overall mood than other dieting protocols. Along with the avalanche of other benefits.

That confusion sat with me, and soon...
I Started Digging for a Way to Make Fasting Functional, Easy, and Effective
During that time, you could only find me at the library.

In front of me, there was a mountain of expensive research papers, a stack of out of print books, and a notebook filled with lines and lines of meticulous notes, breaking fasting down into an easily repeatable system.

During this time, I discovered something I call the Fasting Frenzy…
The Fasting Frenzy Has Nasty Effects like:
  • Jitters
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  •  Brain Fog
  •  Nausea
  • Deliriousness
  •  HAnger
  •  Overwhelming stomach rumbles
  •  Trouble Focusing
  •  Even Diarrhea 
And most people, when they dip their toes into fasting, experience these effects.

Luckily, during my research, I discovered a way to counter these ill ailments of fasting that don’t occur during scientist supervised studies.

But, why don’t they occur?

Scientists Have a Particular Method for Fasting in Their Studies
One that keeps subject’s moods elevated,

One that keeps them energized, giddy, and able to go about their day-to-day lives,

One that keeps them free from the debilitating symptoms of the Fasting Frenzy…

A method that keeps their subjects fasting for days and days on end...

And it has to do with everything from how they eat before their fast, and the water they drink during their fast, to the quality and quantity of food they chomp on to break their fast.
The 14 Day Rational Fasting Lifestyle That Transformed My Body and My Life
Yes, in just 14 days, the formula I derived from research papers, books, and health authorities delivered results that were nothing short of incredible.
I was 35 pounds lighter on the scale (as light as I was in high school)… My body looked leaner and tighter… I had no desire to inhale food like a human vacuum, because my stomach rumblings were silenced…

Even more:
  • My blood pressure dropped, pulling me further away from the heart attack that was most likely headed my way
  • My skin was tighter, and it was “glowing” according to some of my friends
  • Friends and family whom I hadn’t seen in a while regularly told me how much younger i looked
  •  My energy levels were as high as they were in my high school years, no longer did I need a mid-day coffee or nap
  •  Productivity rocketed! I found a passion for my work again, and that passion encouraged an unstoppable storm of production.
  •  I was finally able to relax and enjoy time with my family instead of being anxious and worried about the work I had to do next
  •  I felt stronger and more energized during my periods of fasting than I ever had with a stomach full of food
And, my confidence came roaring back. I felt like a respectable, high-functioning human being again.
Traditional Fasting Sucks
Even with the resurgence in popularity of fasting there are nine people who get it wrong,

For every one who gets it right.

These unprepared nine experience the full fledged fasting frenzy, because they didn’t do their homework… Or at least… Haven’t studied the scientific breakthroughs and classic literature that I have.

Some say, I’ve effectively fixed the flaws of traditional fasting


If you were to fast without the proper tools for before, during, and after, you would experience intense hunger cravings…

Making fasting an ineffective, undesirable, and unrealistic dieting tool.

It would make it just another flash-in-the-pan diet fad.
The 14 Day Rational Fast
The reason I call it a Rational Fast is that I’ve taken all of my research, readings, and science, and compiled it in a way that boosts the health benefits associated with fasting and sets you up for success by:
  • Allowing you to consume special concoctions during your fast
These can kill hunger cravings. You just need to know WHEN to take them
  • Showing you how to drift off to dreamland if you find yourself rolling around in bed
Many fasts fail when it’s time to hit the pillow. Use special techniques to silence your stomach and get your best night’s sleep in YEARS.
  • Giving you a guide on how to break your fast to enjoy extended fat loss
Breaking your fast with certain foods will send your health into a HELL HOLE and put you back at square one. Get informed on what to avoid and what to enjoy.
  • Teaching You how you can trick your body into targeting ONLY fat, even when your fast ends
Traditional diets lead to lost muscle along with fat. If you fast a specific way, however, your muscle can be spared while you continue to shave off your fat stores
Yes, through all the information I’ve shared in this health bulletin…
You Can See Why High Achieving Men’s Go-To Practice for Strength is Fasting
Even into old age…

Men mix a healthy diet, plus extended periods of fasting to create an equation for longevity, health, and sex appeal

All you need is a guide that will ensure a successful and effective fast… One that will guide you to daily fat loss, and accumulating health benefits. Each day, you’ll see your stomach get flatter, your skin get tighter, and you’ll feel your brainpower bolster.
And while there’s no diet regiment on the planet that’s truly easy… With some planning and a little effort, fasting can be one of the most carefree and effective diet choices available.

Our ancestors did it for tens of thousands of years…

So why can’t you?
It’s almost too good to be true…

But, like I said…

There’s preparation involved.
You Can’t Do it Alone
Unless you want to spend hours digging through library book after library book… Spend hundreds of dollars to acquire scientific research papers that spew the info I’ve laid out here… And spend days experimenting with different foods and liquid elixirs to uncover what makes you feel best before, during, and after your fast...

You could do that…


You can
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And you’ll find a whole lot more.
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All that said, 

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Who Shouldn’t Fast?
Fasting provides a plethora of benefits to people of many creeds, colors, cultures and backgrounds…

But, there are some individuals who shouldn’t fast.

People who are severely underweight, malnourished, or have eating disorders should stray away from fasting until those situations are addressed and taken care of.

Pregnant woman and those under age 18 should also avoid fasting

And if you’re a type 1 diabetic, things definitely go wrong if you try to fast. Type 2 Diabetics are being healed all over the world through fasting, but even those individuals should do so under the supervision of a medical professional.

Lastly, if you’re someone who’s weak in willpower,

Is a notorious diet-hopper,

Or is a victim to their circumstances,

Fasting is not for you. While fasting is a simple and highly effective practice, it’s something that requires focus, planning, and effort.

As miraculous as the effects of fasting are, it’s not a magic pill that does the work for you.
More Money in Your Pocket
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Just think…

While you amass numerous health benefits, watch your belly flatten, and your eyes grow brighter and more vibrant, you’ll have more money in your pocket to spend on travel, self-development, or save for the future.
A No-Risk, Evidence Based Practice to Free Yourself of the Health Problems Plaguing Americans
Science said it best…
  • Fasting Maintains your Metabolism, Creating Continued Fat Loss and Stabilized Energy Levels
  • Muscle is Conserved During the Process of Fasting - Meaning you stay strong and sexy while the weight falls off of you
  • No Flabby Skin, Stretch Marks, Or Other Ugly Signs of Weight Loss - Fasting keeps the skin tight, an anomaly for most dieting protocols.
  •  HAnger is virtually NON-EXISTENT - No urge to binge, and no broken promises to yourself
  •  Bolstered Brain Power - Faster learning, quick wit, and more awareness.
  •  Anti-Aging - Protect your body from the wear and tear everyone else experiences as they fork down food like savages.
No more struggling,

No more paying ridiculous health bills,

No more feeling “tired” in the early afternoon,

No more being a victim to your aging body...

In just 14 Days, you’ll experience benefits that are just a small sample of what you’ll experience in your long, healthy future with fasting.

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For years religions and cultures have used fasting as an exercise in discipline.

It was seen as a practice in controlling your earthly desires to bring you closer to God, higher consciousness, and enlightenment.

As someone who has been heavily fasting, I can attest to this.

Ever since I started fasting I’ve noticed benefits that science can’t attest to, but anyone who’s had experience fasting can.

Things like:
  • Laser sharp focus in completing tasks
  • More control over my drifting, easily distracted, mind (this is a big deal, as someone who was diagnosed with ADD as a kid)
  • Overwhelming confidence, especially in situations that used to bring me anxiety
  •  A sharper wit, especially when speaking with other people (could be helpful in discussions with women or authority)
  •  General happiness, most likely from the raised energy levels
With all of these benefits, plus the fact that fasting is being used in established clinics to fight:
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Poor Dietary Choices
  •  Drug Addiction
  •  Autoimmune Disorders
  •  Anxiety
  •  Depression
  •  Sleeplessness
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