Humble Beginnings...

Strength Camp was founded in 2007 by Elliott Hulse, a former college football player who had a dream of building a gym in order to help people grow stronger. Starting with nothing but a van, a few tires, and some sandbags, Elliott began holding training sessions in the park for anyone who was seeking to improve themselves and challenge their physical fitness. These park training sessions became known as "strength camps" and the name has stuck ever since.

Eventually, Elliott got established in a gym of his own, and the tough, yet, functional, style of training he'd become known for was proving to be extremely effective at helping people burn fat, build muscle, and gain strength. These training principles have been dubbed the Strength Camp Method™️, and are the principles we still adhere to this day. 

The Strength Camp Method™️

Better Posture, Performance, and Longevity. 

We always begin our training phases and daily routines with a healthy dose of joint mobility, flexibility and various dynamic warm-ups. This allows us to address any joint immobility or muscle imbalances you may unknowingly have. A specialized dynamic warm-up always precedes each of our group workouts.
Stronger Core, Lean Muscle, and Functional Strength.

 Whether your goal is to burn fat, build muscular shoulders, or slam dunk a basketball, you will need to get stronger. More strength means that you’ll have a firmer, more shapely and vibrant body. You’ll have a body that can overcome any physical force and looks great as a result. 
Fat Loss, Athleticism, Specific Goal Attainment.

Once we finish the strength phase, we'll finish off the session in the speed phase, where we'll move through a multitude of different exercises at a quick pace. This will be our finisher for the day and put your conditioning to the test.

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