Posted on March 9TH, 2020
Health Update: The Overlooked Fat Loss Method that University Hospital Researchers Suggest is Better Than Traditional Dieting... But Doctors Are HIDING From You
Johns Hopkins University Scientist Suggests: THIS METHOD Can Help You Defend Against Disease, Lose Weight Rapidly, and Slow Down Aging.
If someone told you that you could rapidly lose weight, slow down your aging, protect yourself from disease, and improve your overall health while virtually doing nothing… Would you believe them?

Probably not… But it’s true.

In the past few years, researchers have performed new research studies surrounding a powerful fat loss method.

Despite it being right under their nose, it took them YEARS to discover its effectiveness.

Now researchers agree: This practice can have powerful implications on both your mental and physical health.
These health benefits can include:
  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • ​Protection from Disease
  • ​Improved Brain Health, Memory, and Learning Capacity
  • ​Slowed Down Aging
  • ​Improved Mental Health
And a whole bunch more...
If you want to extract these benefits from this powerful method with almost no effort on your part, continue reading, because you’ll discover…
The Key to A Longer, Leaner, Healthier Life
Throughout the world, there are pockets of superior health, known as Blue Zones.

In these 5 areas throughout the world, citizens experience superior health, higher functionality at old ages, and significantly longer life expectancy than people in the rest of the world.[19] 

One of these Blue Zones, Ikaria, is populated by a high volume of centarrians. These are people who live to 100+ years old.[17]
Additionally, 33% of the island’s citizens live to at least 90 years old.[17]

The amazing thing is…

These retirement-home-aged citizens aren’t relying on the island’s health system to stay alive…. Nor are they trapped in retirement homes, holding on in hospice, bed-ridden, or under any medical supervision...
They’re Living their Normal Lives - Leaner, Healthier and Happier than the Rest of the World!
The driving factor behind this health anomaly is the people of Ikaria are harnessing the power of the science-approved health practice I spoke of above... Whether they know it or not.

For example… Let’s look at Gregoris Tsahas.
He has smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 70 years. At age 100, he’s keeping up with his smoking routine and has never suffered from significant illnesses(11).

Even with his bad smoking habit, he’s active, walking multiple kilometers each day through the rocky, hilly terrain of Ikaria, and he sips on multiple glasses of wine each night.

Another Ikarian, Evangelina Karnava is a fiery ball of energy at 97.
She keeps up with the chores around the house, walks the rolling hills to go grocery shopping each day, and despite health advice on the contrary, downs a Coca-Cola or two every day (11).

These people aren’t outliers…

There are plenty of Ikarian citizens aged 80, 90, 100, traversing the rocky island terrain, running B&Bs, enjoying the light of life with friends… Even working in the fields...

Their secret?
The Miracle Practice Overlooked By Scientists...
Obesity is rampant in America.

As a result, top scientists run various studies surrounding obesity trends in rats. One of the many eating variables they test with rats is caloric restriction, or limiting the rat’s intake of food.

Now, it’s a no-brainer that if you restrict your calories you’ll lose weight. 

However, scientists were puzzled that the mental and physical benefits the rats experienced did not translate into humans.

Rats were losing weight faster than expected, maintained more of their muscle mass, had better memory, had slowed down aging, and a bunch more unprecedented benefits while restricting their calories.

Humans were not.

And the difference didn’t lie in the species.

There was something else missing…

What was the key to the unexpected health benefits of the rats?

Why are Ikarians aged 80, 90, and 100+ more active and healthy than the American teenager?

The key... 
One scientist had that A-HA moment, when he realized that rats on caloric restriction generally ate all of their calories within a 4 hour window, while humans on caloric restriction consumed their calories at various times throughout the day.

This was the defining factor in the superior health benefits the rats experienced in these studies versus the health benefits humans did.

And it’s also the secret to the superior health of the Ikarians I mentioned above, due to their long religious fasts…

Since this discovery, scientists have dug into the secrets of fasting.

Their findings are incredible, and position fasting as a superior health practice.
What Makes Fasting an Unmatchable Health Practice?
Fasting is one-of-a-kind. 

Pitted up against regular dieting, fasting will win every time, and the reason for this is metabolic switching. 

Metabolic switching is the body switching fuel sources.[20]

Humans regularly run off of glucose, which comes from sugar. However, after a period of time without food, the body’s sources of stored glucose run dry, and the body switches to ketones for fuel.[20]

Ketones are chemicals produced by the liver from fat.

In other words, when your body does a metabolic switch, it switches your fuel source from sugar to fat.

And common sense would tell you that if you were looking to lose body fat, the best way to do so would be burning fat as fuel…
The Keto Killer
Another diet that’s famous for metabolic switching is keto.

However, scientists may have dubbed fasting the keto killer. And this is because metabolic switching occurs days faster from fasting than it does in traditional keto diets.

In some cases, the metabolic switching from keto dieting can take weeks.

During this period, people can experience chronic fatigue, miserable headaches, diarrhea, stomach pains, stooping low energy levels, and more.

Fasting is a much easier ride to burn off body fat, especially when compared to keto.

But, quicker metabolic switching isn’t the only science-backed benefit of fasting. Fasting comes with a storm of other benefits.
3 TREMENDOUS Science-Based Health Benefits of Fasting

#1 Bolstered Brain Power

Top Neuroscientist and Aging Expert at Johns Hopkins University, Mark Mattson, has been hard at work uncovering the cognitive secrets behind fasting.
According to Dr. Mattson, the switch from sugar to fat as a fuel source that occurs during fasting stimulates the expression of the gene for Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, or BDNF. [20]

BDNF is a protein that plays a large role in your learning ability, long term memory, and your ability to create and store new memories. [21]

And when your body runs off of fat instead of sugar, your body releases more BDNF into critical parts of your brain. [20] This extends the lives of neurons, stimulates the growth of neurons, and encourages the growth of neuron pathways.

As you may know, neurons, once destroyed, are gone forever, so it’s great to know that fasting can help preserve your brain cells, keep you mentally sharp, quick witted, and able to recall names, faces, and words at the snap of a finger.

And there’s more...

Studies have shown that the gene for BDNF is suppressed in people with mental health disorders, like depression. [23] 

Additionally, researchers have discovered that the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease, and possibly other brain-related diseases, have significantly lowered levels of BDNF. [22]

This means that fasting could help fend off mental health problems, as well as deadly brain-degrading diseases.

#2 Keeps You Young, Healthy, and Protected from Deadly Disease

There are 9 Hallmarks of Aging agreed upon by the science community.

These are biological and physiological markers that occur in the body as one ages. Things like DNA damage, dead and dysfunctional cell build-up, cellular component dysfunction, lower substance quality control, stem cell inactivity, and more serve as markers of the aging process.[24]

Whether the conditions I laid out above seem like a foreign language to you or not, the important thing to know is that fasting can fight these age-accelerating conditions, effectively helping you slow down your aging process, and fight disease. 

Shielding Your DNA From Attack

In a study performed by the Longevity Institute, researchers found that fasting creates a protective shield around DNA that minimizes damage from toxins.[25]

The most fascinating part of this study is that the subjects’ DNA was protected from chemotherapy toxins. The toxins from chemotherapy are extremely harmful and damaging to the human body. Sometimes, they can make even the strongest humans bed-ridden and violently ill. 

To see subjects’ DNA become damage-resistant to the chemotherapy toxins is astounding.

And if fasting can help one resist chemotherapy toxins, imagine the long list of other malicious substances fasting can defend your body from.

Promoting Cannibalism

Scientists have also found that fasting keeps you youthful and disease-resistant by stimulating the processes of autophagy. Autophagy is the bodily process of sweeping out dead and dysfunctional cells in order to regenerate healthy cells.[26] 

In other words, autophagy is literally the body eating itself.
And this process peaks when liver glycogen is totally depleted. So, if you’re regularly shoveling food down your throat, you’re allowing dead and dysfunctional cells to accumulate and grow, setting the stage for diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Fasting puts the autophagy process into overdrive, which can help protect you from disease, and keep your body healthy and energized.

Tumor Growth and Brain Diseases

When autophagy kicks in, there is an inhibition of the mTor Pathways.

mTor Pathways are regulators of your metabolism and physiology.[27] They play a role in the growth of muscle, tissues, cells, and more.[27]

However, when these pathways are dysregulated and overactive, things begin to go awry. Things like encouraged tumor growth, the accumulation of misfolded proteins, and increased fat storage occur when the mTor pathways are dysregulated.[28] 

These issues lead to deadly diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and more.

And mTor Pathways can become overactive from dysfunctional eating patterns.

When you fast, however, you inhibit these pathways, preventing tumor growth, and possibly avoiding a landslide of other ailments such as diabetes, depression, obesity, and even brain diseases.[27][28] 

And don’t worry… As you’ll see later, you won’t lose muscle mass, or incur any other negative effects from this inhibition of the mTor pathways. 

Fasting simply helps bring balance to the activity of these sometimes harmful pathways.
Stem Cell Regeneration!
Another hallmark of aging is stem cell exhaustion.[29]

Stem cells are blank slates in the body that can develop into any other kind of cell to help repair different parts of the body, or fill in when there are deficiencies. But, when you get older, these critical players in your health become less active.

They’re so important, doctors implant them in people suffering from life-threatening diseases to help the patient fight them off.

But again, as we get older, our stem cells become less active.

And when this stem cell inactivity occurs, you’re exposed to diseases and viruses, because of a weakened immune system. Lots of people also experience muscle loss, more brittle bones, and other physical consequences.[29]

However, fasting might help you re-ignite your stem cell activity.

In a study published in the Cell Stem Cell Journal, scientists found that bouts of fasting can stimulate stem cell self-renewal, or encourage stem cells to regenerate.[30]

Even more fascinating is the fact that subjects experienced a 93.7% increase in stem cells after ending their fasting period.[30]

This means subjects obtained almost double the stem cells to help build muscle, strengthen bones, and fortify the immune system… Protecting them from illness and disease, increasing their attractiveness, and improving their overall health.

#3 Rapid Fat Loss

From the growing mountain of research surrounding fat loss and fasting, it seems that fasting’s effectiveness in helping men and women quickly shed fat is unrivaled by any other dieting method.

Research shows that fasting’s fat loss helps you lose weight in all the right places,the fat loss is continuous, and it side-steps the usual negative side-effects of restrictive dieting.
382 Days of Continued Fat Loss
Many people engaged in restrictive dieting find that their weight loss plateaus.

Sometimes this is due to metabolic damage, other times it’s due to a faulty dieting plan.

Whatever the reason is, the research suggests that fasting doesn’t have these limitations.

In a study done by the University Department of Medicine in Scotland, a man fasted for 382 days straight and dropped 276 pounds.[31]

That’s .72 pounds of fat per day!

This showcases fasting’s sustained fat loss, and although results may vary, anyone wanting to lose weight rapidly, and receive steady results, can look to fasting to deliver, regarded the right prerequisites are in place (which will be shared later).
Targeted Fat Loss, a Reality?
Many people look to miracle products that promise targeted fat loss, but most of those products don’t deliver. Even more, many fitness “experts” share the misnomer that targeted fat loss is just a fantasy.

They seem to have overlooked fasting.

A study published by the British Journal of Nutrition weighed the impact of fasting against normal dieting with over 100 overweight women.[32]

Researchers found that women from both groups lost the same amount of weight, however, the women who followed a fasting regiment saw increased belly fat reduction.[32]

The reason for this was more adherence to the diet change in the fasting group.

There’s also reason to believe that the switch from sugar to fat as a fuel source contributed as well.

This resulted in one of the only known targeted fat loss methods being uncovered, and confirmed by scientific research.
Targeted Fat Loss, a Reality?
With normal dieting, people experience a landslide of potential unsightly and unhealthy side effects. The most common ones, especially in cases of massive weight loss, are loose skin, stretch marks, and leftover flab.

Fasters have found that these outcomes aren’t as common, or don’t occur at all, when they lose weight.

And the reason for this is that fasters maintain their muscle while shedding fat.

See, people who follow regular dieting protocols usually end up losing large amounts of muscle mass when they shed weight. Muscle keeps the skin tight and toned, but when it’s lost, that’s when the stretch marks and loose skin come crashing in.

But, as I said above, muscle is maintained during fasting.

In one study published in the Journal of Translational Medicine, researchers put 34 males through a 16 hour intermittent fasting protocol for eight weeks.[33] 

By the end, the majority of the subjects had maintained their muscle mass while losing heavy amounts of fat.
This means they actually looked leaner, more fit, and in shape, instead of being covered in loose skin and stretch marks.

In a similar study performed on over 100 obese women, researchers found that women who followed a fasting routine lost 14 more pounds, and retained more muscle, than their restrictive dieting counterparts.[34]

With this information, it’s clear that fasting can leave you much leaner, and flab free, compared to a normal restrictive diet.
The Upsetting Reason Why Doctors Won’t Prescribe Fasting
With this mountain of benefits surrounding fasting, you might be curious why doctors don’t recommend fasting as a healing tool.

Afterall, with the piling research, and scientists making it out to be a miracle practice, it would be stupid not to prescribe fasting for those in need, right?

Well, the reason they won’t prescribe it is simple laziness. 

According to Mark Mattson, neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins University, physicians haven’t been trained to prescribe fasting protocols.[20] It also seems that they don’t want to learn how to prescribe the powerful healing practice.

Which is a shame, because there is a powerful way to take up fasting without the hunger pangs, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness, and sleeplessness that most new fasters deal with.
My First Fasting Experience
Most people struggle the first time they try to string together a fat-furnacing fast.

I want to show you how to do this without all the negative side effects most people endure...

But, before I share that with you, I want to introduce myself..

My name is Elliott Hulse, CSCS, and I’m a health and fitness figure who has supported MILLIONS of men and women from over 100 countries burn fat, grow stronger, build muscle, and most importantly, create a healthy lifestyle.

I started my career 16 years ago…

But as embarrassing as it is…

My body wasn’t always in top shape…

In fact, for a long time, I ignored several big indicators that my health was slipping into a pit of sickness, obesity, and depression:
  • I suffered multiple devastating injuries in my puffy, tubby, state… Including when I tore my bicep pulling small, dead roots from a garden…
  • My energy levels dipped lower and lower, and eventually got to a point where I couldn’t get through a day without multiple coffees, energy drinks, or caffeine pills. 
  • Eventually, it got so bad, that I stopped working in the business I loved
  • I stepped away from my work, and even my family, and rented an apartment I could retreat to when depressive thoughts cluttered my mind
And worst of all…

I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore…

The man who helped millions change their lives, the man who was voted YouTube’s Fan Favorite Fitness Celebrity… 
Was Now a Washed Up, Tubby Man, Who Couldn’t do What He Loved Anymore
It was all due to the filth I was putting in my body.

And I had no idea…

I didn’t think food could cause depression, make my body as brittle as an egg shell, or cause a drastic dip in my energy…

I didn’t even know that eating more causes wear and tear on the body…

I didn’t realize that even eating too much healthy food could contribute to disease, sickness, and declining mental health...
Until I Was Faced With a Challenge...
In my desperate search for meaning, 

I joined a new church, and they were about to begin a 19 day dry fast. 

This meant no food or water from sun-up to sun-down. And although the chubby, sickly version of myself, objected for reasons like: Fear of losing muscle, fear of not being energized during the day, and a fear of my metabolism slowing down…

I decided to throw my hat in the ring...

And I’m glad I did, because...
My Body Transformed QUICKER Than EVER
  • Fat Fell off My Body Rapidly
  • My Skin Got Tighter and Began to Glow
  • The Anxiety and Depression I Was Plagued by Evaporated
  • ​My Energy Levels Skyrocketed, and I Finally Had the Motivation to Grow My Business and Enjoy Time with My Family
I mean I really felt and LOOKED young again!
Suddenly, fasting became a kind of miracle practice for me… I finally had returned to old form, and resumed guiding men and women towards health and happiness. 

I was someone people could count on again.

But, I looked around at some of my church members who were struggling during the fasting period and realized… I got extremely lucky.

While they were low energy, nauseous, and emotionally manipulated by the rumbling in their stomachs… I went about my day functioning at a higher level.

That’s when I realized, there was a BEST WAY to fast.
BEWARE: The Fasting Frenzy
Seeing my friends struggle through fasts made me realize… Most people aren’t fasting correctly. 

And again, this is why doctors don’t prescribe fasting, for fear of not doing it right.

Because if your fast goes wrong, there’s a mountain of negative side effects that can come with it, such as:
  • Jitters
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • ​Brain Fog
  • ​Nausea
  • ​Deliriousness
  • ​HAnger
  • Overwhelming stomach rumbles
  • ​Trouble Focusing
  • ​Even Diarrhea
Seeing people grapple with these ugly side effects of such a powerful health practice made me more eager than ever to find a foolproof method to fasting.
Discovering the Formula For Highly Effective, Functional Fasting for Fat Loss, Brain Health, and an Immune System Made of Steel
Soon, you could only find me in the library…

I dug through piles of research papers, thumbed through old books on religious fasting, the “miracle” of fasting, and even books on how people cured serious diseases… With fasting ALONE. I even came across a book on fasting by famous author Upton Sinclair, who used fasting to cure his chronic headaches, fatigue, and weak immune system.

Once the digging was finished… I came away with the perfect formula for fasting…
The 14 Day Rational Fasting Lifestyle That Transformed My Body and My Life
Yes, in just 14 days, the formula I came up with delivered results that were nothing short of incredible.
I was 34 pounds lighter on the scale… My body looked leaner and tighter… I had no desire to inhale food like a human vacuum, because my stomach rumblings were silenced…

Even more:
  • My blood pressure dropped, pulling me further away from the heart attack that was most likely headed my way
  • My skin was tighter, and it was “glowing” according to some of my friends
  • Friends and family whom I hadn’t seen in a while regularly told me how much younger i looked
  • ​My energy levels were as high as they were in my high school years, no longer did I need a mid-day coffee or nap
  • ​I was finally able to relax and enjoy time with my family instead of being anxious and worried about the work I had to do next
  • ​I felt stronger and more energized during my periods of fasting than I ever had with a stomach full of food
  • ​I earned the respect of my family and friends back
Yes, and my confidence came roaring back, as I felt like a respectable human being again.

And I owe a lot of it to a single piece of literature...
The 1911 Fasting Manual Containing Secrets Lost to Time That Changed The Landscape of Fat Loss and Curing Disease
He endured a record-breaking (at the time) 49 day fast… 

He opened the first ever fasting clinic designed to heal disease and increase longevity of patients (there are a bunch more that have opened their doors since)... 

And he was one of the early adopters of the idea that disease comes from eating unnatural, “biologically wrong” foods, and over-eating, which we know is true today.

His name was Arnold Ehret, and he was a German health educator who specialized in fasting, longevity, and optimal human performance. 

Basically, he was a 1900s biohacker with some punch to back up his words. But...

The reason he got into fasting is because...
He suffered from extreme kidney issues at age 31.

So... In his quest to become slim, healthy, and functional again, he started fasting. At age 39 he was engaging in endurance hikes of 56 hours, and performed daily 10+ mile runs. His health and efficiency far surpassed his youth

And over a hundred years, ago, he wrote a book which was one of the first ever guides to fasting.

Inside that fasting manual, shared his method and guidelines for successful extended fasts.

Fasts that led to heavy fat loss,


And rejuvenated youth.

Even more interestingly...

Ehret discussed his idea that disease stems from mucus build-up that accumulates over the years from the foods we ingest. And he prided himself on his lack of ever using a handkerchief as a sign of his superior health.

He even said:
“Has anyone seen an animal in the wild spit or blow its nose?”
Yes, he saw fasting as the way to clear out that disease-causing build-up of mucus.

If you think of your body like a sink drain, his idea makes sense. 

When food residue gets washed down the drain, it doesn’t always make it through the pipes. Some of it gets glued to the walls of the pipes and builds up. The only way to loosen and get rid of the waste is withdrain cleaner.

Ehret believed fasting to be the drain cleaner.

And he’s right, as fasting promotes the body’s recycling process of cleaning out dead cells, and using them for energy and growth.

Ehret not only believed fasting to be a cure for diseases, but also believed that:
“Those who abide by the three square meals rule will cannot quite achieve the standard of health and strength, or preservation of youth and perseverance, or even the physical and mental capacity of the man who fasts.”
Fasting as a Natural Healer
Since Ehret’s time, Fasting Clinics all over the world have sprung up to use nature’s healing tool as a corrective measure for[35]:
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Poor Dietary Choices
  • ​Drug Addiction
  • ​Autoimmune Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • ​Depression
  • Sleeplessness
If you can achieve freedom from these harbingers of aging, obesity, and sickness, it means you’re going to live a lean, long, and physically-capable lifestyle...

A lifestyle that less and less Americans are able to enjoy as time goes on, but a lifestyle that more and more Americans want to achieve…

Maybe that’s the reason for the sudden surge in popularity of fasting…

However, one thing is clear.
Traditional Fasting Sucks
Even with the resurgence in popularity of fasting there are nine people who get it wrong,

For every ONE who gets it right.

Unprepared fasters experience the full fledged fasting frenzy, because they didn’t do their homework… Or at least… Haven’t studied the scientific breakthroughs and classic literature that I have.

Some say, I’ve effectively fixed the flaws of traditional fasting


If you were to fast without the proper tools for before, during, and after, you would experience intense hunger cravings…

Making fasting an ineffective, undesirable, and unrealistic dieting tool.

It would make it just another flash-in-the-pan diet fad.

As previously mentioned, lack of preparation can send a faster into the Frenzy… Which can lead to a horrible, insufferable experience.
HOW You Fast Determines Your Results
There have been people who have gone on 45 mile hikes on day 20 of NO FOOD… 

People who attend intense, physically draining Crossfit classes on day, 10, 11, 12, 17!

Great thinkers such as Aristotle and Plato trained with the best athletes of their time on empty bellies.

So, what’s the difference between these ordinary people, who are physiologically the same as us… and other attempted fasters who have such low energy levels that they sit in their cave all day, either resting, or pacing waiting for the next time they can put something in their mouth?

It’s their preparation.

It’s what they consume before, during (yes, I’ll go more into that in a minute), and after their fast that supplements, and maximizes, the effectiveness of their fasts… It Sends the Fasting Benefits into OVERDRIVE
Enter The 14 Day Rational Fast
The reason I call it a Rational Fast is that I’ve taken all of my research, readings, and science, and compiled it in a way that bolsters the health benefits associated with fasting and sets you up for success by:
  • Allowing you to consume special concoctions during your fast (These can kill hunger cravings. You just need to know WHEN to take them)
  • Showing you how to quickly drift off to sleep if you find yourself rolling around in bed (Many fasts fail when it’s time to hit the pillow. Use special techniques to silence your stomach and get your best night’s sleep in YEARS.)
  • Giving you a guide on how to break your fast to enjoy extended fat loss (Breaking your fast with certain foods will send your health into a HELL HOLE and put you back at square one. Get informed on what to avoid and what to enjoy.)
  • ​How you can trick your body into targeting ONLY fat, even when your fast ends (Traditional diets lead to lost muscle along with fat. If you fast a specific way, however, your muscle can be spared while you continue to shave off your fat stores)
You can't do it alone...
Unless you want to spend hours digging through library book after library book… Spend hundreds of dollars to acquire scientific research papers that spew the info I’ve laid out here… And spend days experimenting with different foods and liquid elixirs to uncover what makes you feel best before, during, and after your fast...

You could do that…


You can
Accept My Invitation to the 14 Day Rational Fasting Challenge
The Path To Fat Loss and Superior Health is Laid Out For You in This Step by Step Program

The World’s First NO B.S. Fasting Protocol that Combines Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and Personal Experiences into a Functional Method to Melt Away Fat, FIght Deadly Disease, and Enhance Mental Performance

Without hunger, headaches, or fatigue that goes along with traditional diets.
Get INSTANT ACCESS to the Rational Fasting Diet Manual Today


Inside you’ll find:

The Premium Version of the 14 Day Rational Fasting Challenge is Available for a Limited Time, Special Discount
Fasting clinics cost hundreds, if not thousands to attend…

Even the best fasting books on the market cost a nice bundle of bucks and don’t contain all of the information found in the 14 Day Rational Fasting Challenge. Some of the best books are even out of print.

Today, you can invest in a brighter future with just $*.

And quickly obtain all the information and support you need to start fasting today.

You’ll also receive...
Elliott’s 30 Day Infatuated with Fasting Guarantee
Because I know how powerful my fasting method is, I want to guarantee weight loss, better health, and a superior fasting experience.

But, if for some reason, you’re not able to shed a single pound, don’t feel the cleansing effects of fasting, or descend into the Fasting Frenzy, I’m going to give you every penny back.

Yes, if you’re not enamored with fasting after 30 days, I’ll return your money with a smile on my face.
Who Shouldn’t Fast?
Fasting provides a plethora of benefits to people of many creeds, colors, cultures and backgrounds, but there are some individuals who shouldn’t fast.

People who are severely underweight, malnourished, or have eating disorders should stray away from fasting until those situations are addressed and taken care of.

Pregnant woman and those under age 18 should also avoid fasting

And if you’re a type 1 diabetic, things definitely go wrong if you try to fast. Type 2 Diabetics are being healed all over the world through fasting, but even those individuals should do so under the supervision of a medical professional.

Lastly, if you’re someone who’s weak in willpower,

Is a notorious diet-hopper,

Or is a victim to their circumstances,

Fasting is not for you. While fasting is a simple and highly effective practice, it’s something that requires focus, planning, and effort.

As miraculous as the effects of fasting are, it’s not a magic pill that does the work for you.
More Money in Your Pocket
The 14 Day Rational Fasting Challenge only costs $27, which is less than the price of a night out at the movie theater.

In addition, the average American spends $180 a month on food.

With fasting, you’ll only be eating half as much,

So clearly, this challenge pays for itself AND MORE.

Just think…

While you amass numerous health benefits, watch your belly flatten, and your eyes grow brighter and more alive, you’ll have more money in your pocket to spend on travel, and self-development, while saving for the future.
A No-Risk, Evidence Based Practice to Free Yourself of the Health Problems Plaguing Americans...
Science said it best…
  • Fasting Maintains your Metabolism, Creating Continued Fat Loss and Stabilized Energy Levels
  • Muscle is Conserved During the Process of Fasting - Meaning you stay strong and sexy while the weight falls off of you
  • No Flabby Skin, Stretch Marks, Or Other Ugly Signs of Weight Loss - Fasting keeps the skin tight, an anomaly for most dieting protocols. 
  • ​HAnger is virtually NON-EXISTENT - No urge to binge, and no broken promises to yourself
  • ​Bolstered Brain Power - Faster learning, quick wit, and more awareness.
  • ​Anti-Aging - Protect your body from the wear and tear everyone else experiences as they fork down food like savages.
No more struggling,

No more paying ridiculous health bills,

No more feeling “tired” in the early afternoon,

No more being a victim of aging ailments.

In just 14 Days, you’ll experience benefits that are just a small sample of what you’ll experience in your healthy future with fasting.













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